Get Sponsored

A brand enthusiast is not necessarily and elite athlete. Enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes and range across all age groups. When you become and brand enthusiast you typically receive a sponsorship package including:

  • free product
  • athletic gear
  • special discounts and offers
  • giveaways for friends
  • free entry to races, festivals or other fun community events
  • cash incentives

Brand enthusiasts commit to:

  • train regularly
  • participate in events
  • sample products
  • distribute coupons
  • talk about it online

Get a Team

Brand enthusiasts do what you cannot, they can have a real conversation about your product and start spreading the word. We create an opportunity for our team to engage with their networks in a way that overcomes the distance between you and your consumers. Brand enthusiasts can create a strong connection to a brand by utilizing the distinct interests of the consumer and sharing those passions.

The whole process is managed Cloud Source Network.  Our brand enthusiast teams engage their communities by participating in:

  • training regularly
  • competing in events
  • organizing community events
  • volunteering
  • sampling products
  • distributing coupons
  • talking about it online

We have developed the most successful ways to help our brand enthusiasts increase ROI for you.

Put the power of crowds to work spreading the good news about your brand.

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