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Are you the person your friends go to for product and training advice? Are you a leader amongst your peers? Do you recommend  your favorite things to your social networks?

You are a brand enthusiast.

Cloud Source Network’s brand enthusiasts will be the first to learn about new products and opportunities. You’ll be on the inside track on the hottest new thing.

A brand enthusiast is not necessarily and elite athlete. Enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes and range across all age groups. When you become and brand enthusiast you typically receive a sponsorship package including:

  • free product
  • athletic gear
  • special discounts and offers
  • giveaways for friends
  • free entry to races, festivals or other fun community events
  • cash incentives

Brand enthusiasts commit to:

  • train regularly
  • participate in events
  • sample products
  • distribute coupons
  • talk about it online

Get Sponsored

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