Raising Your Cadence

Smooth, fast pedaling is the key to riding a bike like a pro. You can always recognize experienced riders. they sit square in the saddle, upper bodies nearly motionless, while their legs spin like pistons beneath them. No wasted motion, no churning, just an elegant application of power.

Pro pedaling is simply a matter of practice. Use low gears so your heart rate doesn’t get over 80 percent of max.

  • Lower your saddle 2-3 mm to lessen the tendency to bounce at high RPM. Later gradually move it back to your correct height.
  • Focus on pulling through the bottom of the pedal stroke to eliminate dead spots.
  • Get a cyclecomputer with a cadence counter and use it as a biofeedback device. Work on gradually increasing the cadence at which you can ride comfortably for 5 minutes at a time.
  • Devote a few minutes to high-cadence pedaling on all your rides. A good time is the last 5 minutes of your warm up.
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